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The mental game of golf:  How to stay focused and confident on the course

Written by Wade Hooper

Learn why the mental game is one of the most important aspects of Golf.

Although often overlooked, getting stronger at this facet of the game plays a significant role in lowering your scores

Wedge Play Secrets

Written by Wade Hooper

Learn the secrets to arguably one of the most important aspects of the game. Wedge Play
Drastically reduce your handicap by mastering the scoring clubs and hit it closer setting up more birdie opportunities

Discover the Magic of Golf on the Murray River

Written by Wade Hooper

Experience the ultimate golfing getaway. The only tour in Australia where you arrive on course via your houseboat accommodation. We custom package a 4-6 night stay on board the world class "Boatel" soaking up the tranquility of the Mildura Murray River. Taste award winning
food & wine whilst playing Championship Golf Courses with your very own PGA golf professional.

Best courses in Australia that you're actually able to get on and play

Written by Wade Hooper

Explore the top public access golf courses in Australia with this comprehensive guide. From the picturesque coastal courses in Tasmania to the high-quality Sandbelt region in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, you'll find a range of top-ranked courses that offer challenging and enjoyable gameplay. Discover your favorite courses in Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia, where the fairways and greens are meticulously maintained and the staff and local golfers provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. Whether you're packing your clubs for a golfing adventure or flying to a specific region, this guide provides recommendations for the best golf courses in each state.

Never Too Late: Tips for Taking Up the Game Later in Life

Written by Wade Hooper

So, you're considering diving into the world of golf? Whether it's a friendly bet or peer pressure from your golf-loving buddies, you've decided to give it a shot. Whatever the reason, taking up golf later in life is a fantastic journey filled with excitement and learning. As a PGA Golf Professional, I find immense joy in helping beginners, regardless of age, take their first swing. Here are some favorite tips to guide you as you embark on this golfing adventure.

Unlock Your Potential: The Power of Swing Analysis in Golf

Written by Wade Hooper

Discover the step-by-step process of recording your golf swing using a smartphone or device, coupled with insightful tips on proper setup and execution. Learn how to capture the critical elements of your swing and elevate your golf game.


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